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"Home Invasion"

(Keep it goin')
Bust the trap, head to head out the whip (Yeah)
Was in back of the cop car with Lil
I'ma put on my tax, ain't no deals (Them taxes)
Me and Juan goin' half on them pills (Let's do it)
We got pull with the strap in the whip (Yeah)
That's when Tommy got snatched, it was real (That be Maaly Raw)
n***as' broads is back on my heels (Okay)
Goin' hard, I'm back with the skills (Yeah)
Showin' off, I'm smacked out the whip (I see you)
It get hard, go back to the flip (Let's do it)
Goin' hard, I'm back with no chill (Let's do it)
n***as frauds, I don't want a bid (Okay)
Not a choke and I'm not a bid
You get poked if you actin' weird (This real talk)
I don't boast but let me be clear (Yeah)
I'm the GOAT, my sh*t is too rare
With my folks and none of 'em scared (My folks)
Went through loss, but f**k it, I'm here (Loss)
On the road, I hustle with bears (Yeah)
'Bout to go when n***as get here (I go)
I wake up, these hoes get shared (You know)
I got flows, the flows is here (Let's do it)
From the store, I'm so sincere (Yeah)
Home invasion, the coast is clear (The coast)
Plain and simple, I'm posted there (On post)
It look ugly, the smoke is there (Yeah)
They like why you in front of our house?
Why you sellin' your drugs right here? (I mean)
Payin' the neighbors no mind
n***as sellin' they dubs right here
It's Philly, it's supposed to be love in here (Goddamn)
It ain't no love in here (I mean)
Then again, I cannot say that when I got the love and buzz from here (I mean)
Then again, I cannot say that when n***as is dyin', lil' cuz got aired (God damn)
People you love get weird
Jeans fittin' me snug, I wear 'em (I see you)
I got a club appearance
Came with my team, thugs is near me (They near me)
I got this b*t*h from North, she tellin' me how she a single parent (Don't wanna hear it)
I know they waitin' to hear it (Real talk)
Best to come out of Philly, n***a period (You already)
Best to come out of Philly, n***a period
(I don't think they really hearin' it, yeah)
Feel like I'm so far behind 'cause I wasn't takin' it serious (Real talk)
Should've been more on my grind
I'm f**kin' up money, I'm high (Come on now)
G's was just on my mind in my living room, I cried (I cried)
Reem was one of a kind, he held me down multiple times (Too many times)
Feel like I know when it's time, I feel like I know when to bomb (Know when it's time)
Snappin' and doin' Shacon, that's how I'm comin' this time (Comin' this time)
Jumpin' in front of the line, that's how I'm comin' this time (Let's do it)
f**k it, I'm comin' for mine
Might try for yours, I ain't even lyin'
Kick in your door, won't leave 'til we find it
I go by Kur, I had to remind 'em
n***as seen Kur, that was in a bucket
Look at me now, I got myself out it
Since I been smokin', been smokin' exotic
n***a I'm posted, I'm servin' my product
Girl hit my phone, I got her some sour
sh*t I went home, went back to the bottom
Why I went back, I don't know, I'm a product
Man I'm attached to the hood to be honest
Dog I'ma snap for the hood, we the finest
We just gon' lap on these n***as, behind 'em
This sh*t is practice, I gotta out-grind 'em
Keep you a ratchet 'cause Philly is violent
When I came back, it was back to the island
Got my respect, now they speak of me highly
Come from the Neck and I never went Holly
Comin' correct when you see me, I'm stylin'
If I keep lookin', I know I'ma find it
I had to put all my
I had to put all my faith in my timing
Come from the Neck and I never went Holly

Ayy, just run it
Ayy, just run it, ayy, just run it

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