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"Everyday Ain't The Same"


b*tches choosy
n*ggas forfeit
Talk is cheap and you still can't afford it
b*tches choosy
n*ggas forfeit
Die for something, just don't die for Jordans

I'm in a lot of pictures, but no weed it never makes the pose
Cause I'm not tryna pave the road for drug-abusing eight year-olds
Whose favorite goal is rapping at the level of a Drake and Cole
Who draped in gold cause they think shiny things is what's gon make you whole
n*ggas think I'm brand new, they call me fancy pants
No I got the sweet tooth the rap game's just Candyland
I got them hoes coming through and we just had pajammy jam
I make her take it off and f*ck her to Hitman Sammy Sam
And she stayin', what you thought
Her n*gga, she no longer follow
He the man in Grand Theft Auto, but he ain't got no condo damn
I'm Ricky Ricardo, and I love Lucy juicy coochie ooh she hit the lotto fam
I might pay off her college plan
Sally Mae ok you b*tch you b*tch you b*tch you b*tch
Callin' her phone at 3 am she need to get her number switched
Ok I'ma top off, gettin my rocks off, got my socks off cause I'm country
I woke up like this, lookin' like I just want some money
And I does, well god damn Leezy c*cky then
But at the same time young hoes be jockin' slim
God damn Leezy c*cky then
But at the same time young hoes

I've seen my growth over these years
The final outcome worth these tears
I always tell my n*gga Billa(?), wait until this sh*t appears
I cast a light on smaller towns who never see the light of day
Cause Huntsville small as f*ck but when you're here, feel like the tidal wave
Well god damn my city c*cky then
But its the perfect place for dope boys to profit in
Modern day urban culture will try anything
And let it fry your brains just like the club fry chicken wings
Is it music? Is it TV? Is it Chris Brown? Is it Riri?
Is it parents ain't whoppin' they kids ass like they need be?
Is it Keke being freaky cause she heard that sh*t from Cece?
And she only 12 years old her boyfriend creepin' in her teepee
Is it greedy social media exploiting us freely?
Is it proper propaganda that we don't feed the needy?
Man I been killin' em, I need a sentence
Look to the lord, I need repentance
Listen my mother I know she in heaven, I don't want to die
I just want to visit
I want a real life to be realize through real eyes
And if I don't make it I'll be somewhere sitting down and live by
Singin' my heart out, gettin' my art out
Gimmie some change, you seein' my jar out
Came along way from buying the bar out
Stuntin' on hoes and pullin' them cars out
I think and pull a cigar out
Never be home whenever its dark out
Givin' my life but keepin' my heart out
That's how you get hurt, that's how you get murked
Signs of weakness they might seek it
Better stay your ass in church, if you scared go to church
If you aware then stay alert
If you compare then lets converse but that's nowhere
On this motherf*ckin' earth

Well got damn Leezy c*cky then
But why the f*ck the poor people being targeted
I look at billboards promoting the cheapest dollar menu
Servin' food that will offend you but it's what
The poverty stricken is obviously pickin'
Even though them nuggets not really chicken
And after years of this you'll have to pay the doctor a visit
He'll tell you everything that's wrong with you
And to fix it you are probably gonna need a loan n*gga
Oh your credit bad? Ok let's choose the cheapest
Most less effective method of treatment and just go
Off of hope and prayer, hope you believe in Jesus
Do you believe in Jesus?
We got a chapel here on sight, make sure you bring ya deacons
Speak and teachin' each and every one of these heathens(?)
Grandma Champion always told me I was gonna be a preacher
High schools underneath the bleachers smokin' dubs of freakin reefer
Back when I was f*ckin' with Alicia I was just thuggin' off the leashes
Weed it completes my features ain't no arguin' between us
I'm gon' let your girl's pus*y throw a party on my p*nis
Did I go to far do more than the average joe
If I be Joe its Joe Dumars
Realer than I know you are
The devil said I go too hard
And I don't talk 'bout whips cause really no new cars can go to mars
Focal point, my vocal chords
Global with a local star
And I don't got no rims but I'm speakin' to the Lowenhart
Well god damn Leezy c*cky then, but at the same time young hoes be jockin slim
God damn Leezy c*cky then, but at the same time young hoes be jockin slim

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