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Thomas Pynchon

"Inherent Vice - Chick Planet Massage"

[Doc steps in... it's quiet and very dark. A sexy young Asian girl: JADE].

JADE: Hi, I'm Jade. Please take note of today's pus*y Eater's Special which is good all day till closing time.

DOC: Mmmm... how much is it?

JADE: $14.95.

DOC: Errr, not that $14.95 ain't a totally groovy price, but I'm really trying to locate this guy who works for Mr. Wolfmann?

JADE: Does he eat pus*y?

DOC: Fella named Glen Charlock?

JADE: Oh, sure. Glen comes in here. He eats pus*y. You got a cigarette for me?

JADE: Ohhhh. Lock up style. Not much eating pus*y in there, huh?

DOC: Glen and I were both in Chino around the same time... have you seen him today?

JADE: Are you a cop?

DOC: No.

JADE: The reason I ask is If you were a cop you'd be entitled to a free preview of our pus*y Eater's Special.

DOC: How about a licensed P.I.?

JADE: Hey, Bambi?

[BAMBI comes out, wearing day-glo bikini. Jade reaches into Bambi's bikini bottom and before you know it -- They disappear below the reception desk.]

DOC: So... Where do we uhm...

BAMBI: Not you bong brain.

DOC: I thought it was there... pus*y eaters special... does that mean...

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