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Thomas Pynchon

"Inherent Vice - Potential Cult"

[They've been pulled over by the POLICE. Doc tries to calm everyone, etc... A ROOKIE COP walk up to the car looking cautious and careful... GUN RAISED and SHAKING VISIBLY... nervous as he approaches the car.]

JAPONICA: Are you the Great Beast?

BLATNOYD: No no no, that's a policeman, Japonica, who only wants to make sure you're all right.

COP: You know you were driving without your headlights, miss?

JAPONICA: But I can see in the dark.

COP: Perhaps you shouldn't be driving then.

COP: I am going to need to see all your IDs please?

DOC: Sure thing. What's it about, officer?

COP: Every gathering of three or more civilians is now defined as a
potential cult.

DENIS: What!? Charlie Manson again?

COP: Criteria includes references to the book of Revelation, males with shoulder-length hair or longer and endangerment through inattentive driving, which all of you are exhibiting.

BLATNOYD: Oh, I don't think so.

DENIS: Man, listen, this is a Mercedes. It’s only painted one color.

COP: You all hang tight.

DENIS: That should count for something.

DOC: Good point!

BLATNOYD: Ah... I actually gonna have a heart attack, actually my heart is racing like a little boom boom.

DOC: Yes, sir.

COP: We'll hand this all in, Mr. Sportello, and unless there's wants or warrants we don't know about, you won't hear any more on this...

DOC: Thank you officer, you have a good night.

DENIS: Thank you sir, drive safely.

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