Sofa King (instrumental)
(Billy the Witch Doctor)
Please, read from sheets. I am...

(Frylock, Carl, and Meatwad)
I am...

(Billy the Witch Doctor)
...sofa king

(Frylock, Carl, and Meatwad)
...sofa king

(MF Doom)
Scared of a bunch of water, then get out the rain
Order a rapper for lunch and spit out the chain
Then kick a lungee of the tip of his timbo
And trick a honey dip into a game of of strip limbo
Odd...He couldn't find no remorse
A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse
Of course his technique was from a divine source
Never knew the price of ice or what swine cost
One guy tried to bite the heat
That's when he discovered the other other white meat
Ohhhh, the one they hate so well
He sure keeps it psycho like the old Bates Motel
They came to ask him for at least some new tracks
But only got confronted by the beast with two backs
Knock... Mouse is a made man
Villain laid it down like the best laid plan
Bell The Cat who the hell is that near the middle
Got y'all but it's not all beer and skittles
Prepare the vittles, got riddles and spittles
Crystal clear to the jot or the t**tle
TSSST! It's hot off the griddle
Came to take the cake whether it's a lot or a little
KABOOM... DOOM is nervous large
You could tell by his blooming room service charge
Dark and tall to boot
The only thing was wrong was he was bald as a coot
Used to rent a van from Peter Pan to red and tan
And keep the human foot for his dead man's hand
This was when the mask was brand spanking new
Before it got rusted from dranking all the brew
(Sniff) Stankin' too, pew
Kept all his earnings in the bank and a shoe
Spat what he knew, energy for true
To all fake rappers, twenty-three skidoo
Excuse you, any room in the cla** front?
For a blast of the blunt, shrooming since last month
Doom a human in the mask, born to stunt
Danger zooming past mad fast on the hunt
Keep your streets, we got the city neatly conquered
Discreetly with a CD till they be completely bonkered
The fans demanded it, handled it, swallow it
His own brand of sh*t, if only he could bottle it
Hmm.. Nah she could get messy
Feds tried to torture him for the secret recipe
He said: It's no use, I only know half
No speake de english. I only do the math
Zzzzzt. Felt no pain
His brain was saturated with cocaine and Rogaine
He said: Try scan no thing three-card dead fly man
Go for bling he got bled
I jam over sting, see spots red
I am "Sofa King, We Todd Ed"
(Frylock, Carl, and Meatwad)
...we todd ed

(Billy the Witch Doctor)
Now, repeat all very fast, please

(Frylock, Carl, and Meatwad)
I am sofa king...

(Billy the Witch Doctor)

(Frylock, Carl, and Meatwad)
I am sofa king we todd ed

(Billy the Witch Doctor)
No, no, not so fast. Loses meaning

(Frylock, Carl, and Meatwad)
I am sofa king we todd ed

(Billy the Witch Doctor)
Hoohoohoohoo-hoohoo-hoo, you say funny thing