Perfect Hair II
[Intro: Sherman the Giraffe & Young Man]
Baby's got a 12-pack!
How's about we go back to the Bay Area and get some crabs?
Let's see how the judges react
Come on judges, react

The forest is very misty
And help to provide for the switching sides of Terry or Twisty
Or, Model Robot, who got more grease
Sherman stinks so put some hot sauce on your niece
(or what?) Or Nephew, I hope he got a 12 for his sake
Made a wrong turn into a hole, hell of a mistake
Animals in the car had made a p*ss lake
Must of interfered with the wiring on the disc brakes
(Yeah) It makes for good bar time rec talk
Shoulda used the hamburger necklace from off his neck stalk
From South Africa to Apalachicola
Bump into the wrong batch of snatch, catch the ebola
("Does what have what?") Beefin with Norman Douglas
Waitin until he catch him in the street, roamin thugless
And Rod, the self-proclaimed anime God
By the way could sure use a can of baked scrod
Sherman eats seeds like humans eat veal
He means real human seeds, not no bloomin wheat meal
That man in the cat suit can sure hold a gat
Think he work for that dude, "The Evil Controller of Cats"
A ceasefire was negotiated under the gun
Between General Meow and Commander Bun
He thought it was the hand, it was the joke, what stunk
[Interlude: Brenda, Gerald, Young Man & Sherman the Giraffe]
I was too drunk
I woke up drunk
Weren't you?
Ha, I'm too young to drink
First I get trapped in a hole with smelly animals who bicker
Then my hand is severed
Now I have to care for a drunk baby
W-we can eat that

[Outro: MF Doom & Catman]
If the new shoes fit better than the old ones, rock 'em black
I'm gonna pick up some cold ones and knock 'em back