El Chupa Nibre (Remix)
Two two
One two, two two ("Uh-uh, uh-uh")
One one ("Y'all ain't gon' cut my front but")
("'Less I get one of them, sport")
("Sport radio thangs with the earbuds")

The super flow more stupider than Richard Pryor
Combined with Bazooka Joe jokes, and spit fire
Eat MC's like El Chupa Nibre
Except for when I defeat and knock they beat off eBay
Danger in the street, shootin at a DJ
DOOM countin chickens like the Colonel on D-Day
"We 'bout to fry, so burn 'em all" he say
Villain gettin paid off the same joint three way
... You rang? "Can you spare some sugar?"
By his right ear was a smear and a booger
Pour my coffee, he replied "Of coursely"
Still chewin the mask whispered "Eww get off me"
His money chunk he couldn't spare a thin dime
Once was in a rhyme crew "Monkeys Into Crime"
What happened? He coulda went platinum
Then he discovered the secret plan— they had to gat him
... It wasn't hard to find the file to pull
They had they differences, all irreconcilable
And that's a pile of bull— they're bad
That's why they don't tell no tales, nor wear plaid
His upper lip and dome stayed stiff
I made him try to riff over a homemade gift
A statue with overfoam chrome sprayed Kif
With a handwritten signature from dude who played Biff
The Simpsons, but "Back to the Future Part II"
And leave it up to you, to choose who
When he cruise through, he know how you foolsies do
Get him catch him dreamin and you creep him like a Suzie Q
He said "{F**k you, b*t*h} you don't know me
Watch I bring the truck through, switch like you owe me"
If you in luck, I get richer off you, blow me
Dumile got her like Inuyasha got Kagome
Well, now what do we got here?
Miscommunication can lead to hot beer
Although he's not here, his agenda was clear
Clearly a big spender, who wears a lot of gear
DOOM the Great, no low self-esteem
Got to go get the wealth growin green gleam
He make it seem mean as a pre-teen choir head
Sire said, the first time he seen Firehead
The squire, what about Barbera?
It's closer than it seems like in a car mirror
Dancers turn gangsta, what be surely wilder
His student was a cell buddy, name of Early Cuyler
[Outro: Squidbillies & Sheriff]
Where's my damn chicken?
Well, ya know that boy can perm
How much do I owe ya?