[Chorus: Roxas]
Wish I was better at being myself
I'm covered in dust and I'm sittin' on the shelf
Yeah, all my songs suck I don't really like to dwell
So I put it in the past and I keep it to myself

[Verse 1: Roxas]
Blank face, no emotion
Know I'm chosen but I'm not one for boastin'
Come and pull up to the party, know we're posted
Divide your boy with the nine, what's the quotient?
Two hundred in the coupe, we not coastin'
Lot of pain, need Acetaminophen
Lot of words carry a ton if they're spoken
Feel like Midas, way I touch it, it's golden
I'ma show off but I don't like to show it
Gun on my hip, if I squeeze it explodin'
I don't listеn to you 'cause I know your bars are stolen
I'm stuck bеtween two walls and now they're closin'
Stand at the closed door, I wish it was open
I got a lot of conflicting emotions
Some days I wake up and feel like I'm floatin'
And some days it feels like I'm frozen
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