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"Call My Team"

[Paroles de Odyne Kratus feat. 777Nerd & 36 White "Call My Team"]

[Couplet 1 : Odyne Kratus]
Mama first, 3ad l'cash
Walou n3as, gha l7sab (no sleep)
They need to slow down
Koun dayz, chouf 7dak
So cold, so bad
Regrets, no shame
Styloyat, cocaine
Kanb9aw takanjibouha, right on time
Kayb9aw 7ta kayjibouha, f rass'hom right
I don't know man, ghi kaykhewro
Stuck in a throwback, 7ta kaytnsaw ga3

[Pre-refrain : Odyne Kratus]
I've been awake all night long
Making sure you gonna ride home
Slow down, lay low
Watch them fall

[Refrain : 777Nerd] x2
Rssa ch'kadir, don't make me call my team
Nta b9a l'hih, ma tjich tal9ha 3lina
Not on the list, kaynin wast l'archive
Ma s7abich, kolhom lach sal7in
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