OTF Nunu

"Chiraq (NuskiMix)"

[Verse 1: OTF NuNu]
I started rappin' these n***as hatin'
They mad as hell and I ain't even made it

Only real n***as, my n***as hitters
They drilling sh*t with no conversation
Got a hand gun shooting chopper shells
You can try to run bet you won't make it
You in love with hoes, I'm in love with money
That's the only time you can catch me cakin'
O-T-F we a empire
We blowing up, It's a domination
Got hitters for your hitters, my n***as be with it
Money on my mind so I gotta go get it
n***as want war? they can start, I'ma finish
Gotta keep my shells no time for a witness
Tweak with the squad that's bad for your buisness
Guns like the army we some' like a menace
Mixing that lean I'm some' like a chemist
And I started from the bottom from the Rags to the Riches
Snitching on the guys, you'll die, f**k stitches
Got wholes in the tec, I ain't worried about glitches
Straight from the gutter in the hood of the trenches
Play with the gang, f**k wet, I'ma drench you
Running this game first down, couple innings
Got a motherf**king broom never did like witches (4x)
Real n***as stand up, broke n***as band up
b*t*h this Chiraq where yo ten n***as might f**k around and switch up
Where that twitter beef will get a n***a killed so if you talking sh*t, strap up
Where a lot of n***as wanna tote the strap but when it's drill time they won't bust
Got blood all on my loafers
Them guns c*cked for them roaches
I'm turning up, making boss moves, got music all on Pandora
This our year and you know it
My cars came with a chauffeur
We smoking leaves, no clovers
And them fried n***as expose them
My pistol on me, don't touch me
Finessing game so don't trust me
Them bullets hit him, they skinned his head
Better thank God you got lucky
Double cup, can't see the ice
So you know my sh*t a lil muddy
Christian Lewis about fifteen hunnid
So you know the bottle a look bloody

OTF we the money team, a couple boss n***as getting money
Bro-ski ass used to torch the Opps can't believe they took J-money
Can't trust b*t*hes, I know the game
They do anything for that money
b*t*h this Chiraq, not the Windy City
Where we catch you off and it get ugly
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