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OTF Nunu

"Pound Cake"

Uh, young n*gga making dumb decisions
I'm just tryna check a bag until I see a million
n*ggas pus*y killing kids that ain't really drillin'
Heard I'm OTF so now they tryna catch me slippin'
But I'ma shoot this 30 till I know the clip is empty
First gun is 32 now I'm playin' with semi's
Went from riding tonka trucks, now we riding Hemi's
Check a million, first foreign gotta be a Bentley
f*ck a friend I got family that's gon' ride with me
n*gga, I got n*ggas that's gon' kill for me
Trigger happy so I know they go drill something
n*gga, I want the money f*ck the competition
If you ain't with me then you opposition
Lot of cars lot of money give me ambition
n*ggas faking I see through 'em I got X-Ray Vision
Ain't seen my daddy in a minute he locked in them prisons
And these streets don't give your name they lock you in that system
Drop a 4 all in my crush I think that I'm a chemist
Monkey see monkey do but I'ma do some different
I'm talking cars, different racks and some different b*tches
From the struggle and the pain to that richer living
You got guns for show and tell you ain't do no drilling
Glocks, 40's, 9's, Rugers, clips always extended
Lights and beams fully loaded so that ain’t no missing
Extra bullets, rubber grip sh*t that's recommended
Do a drill at that thang with the windows tinted
A lot of b*tches they be eaters they can stop pretending
If Durk the prez and Wuk the chief sh*t that make me senate
I been working like a slave cause I gotta get it
Finesse the plan for that work, then that profit splittin'
Hashtag OTF you know my n*ggas trendin'
I'm gone


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