I Cry (Night After Night)

Egyptian Lover

Night after night, I cry
Night after night, you're never home
Night after night I get disappointed
Cause I'm sick and tired of being alone (alone)

Night after night, I go for a walk
Looking at the stars in the sky
Night after night, I look in the mirror
And wonder why a lover has to cry

I cry in the night
Because girl, you're never ever with me
I know it makes no sense to cry
But this ain't the way my life should be

In the mornings, I go to the pond
All my friends see me walking down the street
And they all know that something's bothering me
Because my smile's so weak

Night after night, I chase you down
Night after night, you disappear
It's hard for me to comprehend
What exactly do you fear?
I don't wanna be alone, I don't wanna be alone
But I have no choice if I want you
You have so many friends, you're always on the phone
You make my life so blue

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