Seduced lyrics

Egyptian Lover

[Verse 1]
How interesting, we are here
Feel the magnetism as we draw near
Strong attraction, sex appeal
The heat intensifies, it's getting real
My interest in your, purely for pleasure
Let me love you, forever and ever and ever
Feel the Ecstasy over and over, the seduction of
The Egyptian lover

[Rhythmic Breathing]

[Verse 2]
Feel the chemistry as we intertwine
My bedroom eyes, will blow your mind
My talents interest you, temptations strong
Come go with me, lets get it on
Slowly kissing the nip of your neck
Until your knees buckle, until your wet
Hypnotized with the passion I share with you
Mon chéri, consider yourself seduced

[Rhythmic Breathing]

[Verse 3]

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