Killin’ It lyrics

Egyptian Lover

I'm Killin it

[Rhythmic Breathing and dope 808 Beats]

Killin' it [5x]

[Verse 1]
Throw our hands in the air real high
Wave them side to side, lets start this party off right
I'm a old school DJ with an old School vibe, Nobody is better than I, I'm gonna kill it tonight
Party part people, and no DJs doin' it like this
I'm at the top of the list
See this and witness greatness
Bass booming from my 80 ever loving 8
Sounds so good you'll like to pay to hear beats like this all day

[Rhythmic Breathing and more dope beats]

Killin' it [5x]

[Verse 2]
Feel the bass as it pounds your soul
Make you jump right out your body as you loose control
You never heard programs like this before
Get on the dance floor, these beats you can't ignore
Ima keep the party going on all night
Make the music you like till the morning light
Mixing and scratching like back in the day
O.G. Vinyl I play

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