Beyond the Galaxy

Egyptian Lover

The Galaxy
Ooh yeah, Beyond the Galaxy

[Verse 1]
Egypt and Q-Bert doing a show next Saturday
I'll be delivering some big big fantasies
We leaving now 'cause it's beyond the galaxy
Can't wait to see Q on that futuristic gadgetry

[Verse 2]
This is historic, an electro rhapsody
The king of the 808 and Q-Bert scratching strategy
Needles staying down, even without the gravity
I wish the earthlings could witness this insanity
(Insanity, insanity, insanity)

Beyond the Galaxy
Beyond the Galaxy


[Verse 3]
They say we ugly but we vain, got that vanity
We getting hit on by that feminine anatomy
Egyptian Lover beats like dreams to reality
Q-Bert scratching to the highest of scratch-tivity
(Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch)

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