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Big Bill Broonzy

"Key to the Highway/Trouble in Mind"

[Verse 1]
I got the key to the highway, yeah
Billed out and bound to go
I gotta keep walking this highway
– walking most too slow

I eat my breakfast in California
I eat my dinner in Caroline
Wooo I’m gonna keep on
Keep on walking this highway, yeah
Til I reach the end of the line

Walk on, yeah

[Verse 2]
Show the movie, yeah
Lordy mama keeps on shining, shining
And the good, good, good Lord, heavens above
Everybody knows love ain’t, ain’t what you think
If you ain’t with the one you love

So trouble in mind, yeah
Lordy mama I’m blue, yeah
And I won’t, I won’t, I won’t be blue always
Oh yeah, the sun gon shine
Sun gonna shine in my backdoor
Some on rainy day, oh yeah

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