Obituary 2020


[Hook 2x]
Take these bars and play'em in the cemetary
That was a frightening year kinda scary
Happy New Year I hope your Christmas was merry
This is the 2020 Obituary

[Verse 1]
Kobe Bryant
All time legend
Watchin' him play basketball was a blessing
The son of NBA player Joe Bryant
Carried the name he had the game to a science
Born in Philly August 23rd, 78
In high school he was the best in the United States
5 time champion all time scorer a father
18 time all star The Black Mamba
The cause of his death
Helicopter crash
He died with his daughter Gianna how sad

[Verse 2]
Chadwick Boseman
Amazing actor
Had played in historical roles he was a master
Born November 29th, 76
In South Carolina on the road to get rich
Wrote his first play in high school soon after
Graduated fron Howard University with his bachelors
Image Award deserved truly
The first black actor to headline an MCU movie
Wakanda Forever the Black Panther
The cause of his death
He died from cancer

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