Brett Eldredge

"Lose It All"

[Verse 1]
At first you gotta learn how not to listen
When she opens up her heart
You try your best to make it all about you
Yeah, that's the easy part
Take all your promises and break 'em
Stay out late and come home high
By this time you're on your way
It's going to be over any day
And if you really try, you won't have to wonder why

Take it from a man who knows
Just how to break a heart
Listen hard and listen close
I got it down to an art
Keep on thinkin' she won't leave
You know the writing on the wall
That's how you lose it all

[Verse 2]
Let the walls fall down around you
Let the bills and dishes stack up to the sky
Makes friends with regret
Try your damnedest to forget
And I bet you never will, no I swear you never will
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