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"Squirtle Squad"

[Intro: Sad Frosty]
Mike G, you can't do this to 'em man
Aye, yuh, aye!

[Verse 1: Sad Frosty]
If I-If I told shorty I love her well then I guess I'm a liar
f*ck a b*tch, cut her off like that dumb ho got fired
I don't want no Gucci sweater, I got Bape for my attire
Pikachu, shock them up, like that boy touched the wire
I got big racks, hunnid thousand make 'em get back
If I stack my money up, it be taller than Shaq
That girl she a bird, I think I seen her on Twitter
I finessed the b*tch for one time, then I quit her
Rappers they be hatin', my new lil b*tch Haitian
Don't talk about no cuffin' cus on God we ain't datin'
If I hit it then I'm skatin', for this album they been waitin'
I blew up so fast now they think I work with Satan
Just know, your baby momma, she be up in my mentions
Don't make me cause a f*ckin' riot, I get to shootin', it's vicious
Like hold up, let me go and switch the flow up
Sold a b*tch a hunnid now she lookin' like she [?]
All my numbers they gon' go up
Look like Frosty he be blowin' up
Don't f*ck with no features cus my prices they did go up

[Verse 2: 1TakeJay]
[?] boy, not enough spendin'
Just like a thot b*tch, n*ggas know I'm really winnin'
No [?] but I'm winnin', kick your number I got digits
b*tch, you broke, you should get a life sentence
n*ggas don't want problems, they ain't into that
Why you never see them outside, cus they ain't into that
n*gga you been a rat, your b*tch a bigger rat
You ain't got no stacks, you ain't got no cash
Why the f*ck you saggin', we don't wanna see your broke ass
I be drippin' so much, look like I spilled my cup
She got that no shower pus*y, it ain't wet enough
I got that [?] stick, but I ain't off a Percy
I hit the b*tch raw, she [?] worry

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