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"Enough Rounds"

[Verse 1]
Times changin'
And not no motherf**kin' daylight savings (Ayy)
That chopper ate a n***a back like acne
I left my kids on your b*t*h back and I taped it
The new youth for the world in the whirlwind
It's more better when your girl got a girlfriend
Suicide, got the head like a turban
Left my slime on her belly like a serpent

[Verse 2]
Oh my God, I'm a lord of the zombies
Lay her body on the floor like a carpet
Put a pole at the door, that's [?]
So in that b*t*h just like a sword, get your car hit
My n***a jewelry on the side 'cause the IRS be goin' in my bank
I got gold on my neck, I got Louis on my face
I got Louis on my feet, put a halo on my ass
Told God, "I ain't scared, give me pearls off the gates"

I'm on
Chopper with the beam like red, like green, like gold
Shinin' like a streetlight, diamonds in my teeth, I glow
Ayy, I f**ked her on a free night, do it on the sink like soap
I know they secretly hate us, bust down that piece like invasions
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