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"Paper Cuts Remix"

Suck your mum, foolish prick (fool)
Buss your gun, stop talking sh*t
If I call Aki
You'll see what a don is, Champagne Papi
Wait, astaghfirullah, bros still got a dawg in the car
Erm, bros on deck
Beef online, no not Krept
Ask my accountant for this year profit
Only time that I'm doing loads on net
If bro come here with extension
Have man bobbing and weaving
I test out the Aventador
That's a Goat in a Lamb
How can I be a Vegan

How can I be a vegetarian
Still got a fish, I'm a pescatarian
She acting up, I'm airing it
Cut that baby out, caesarian
I got slim thick, tall and short tings
f*ck your things
I got options
I ain't cuffing that girl, that's nonsense
Giving out white and blue like Tottenham
Me and bro in a buss down rental
p*ssed cah the rideout unsuccessful
Wasted trip from Central
Should've invoiced my man for the petrol
That girl got a shape that's dreadful
Pencil, body come thin like Red Bull
Young G on a rise, Kensal
True, my little n*gga outlines like stencils

Suck your mum, no, wait, suck your dad this time
I said that sh*t, no cap this time
New chain cost me a flat this time
White boy hollered me
Said his new strap's quality
Knock knock who is there
Sallam aki isa
Isa who? Its a robbery (bombaclart)
Bro fresh out of the cell
Might come round there as well
Look at this prick, f*cking up drip, stab man out in Chanel
Little bro got a shotty in the car, word
More black dots, then a password
Then he said, akh', what the bumba'
Put the arm to your chest, like Wakanda

So, what are you sayin'?
I don't know about them man
But us man know not to write statements
My bro got shots for his flavours
Same way we got shots for our paigons
Young G in a new country taking over
That's colonisation
f*ck your organisation, hatin'
You must think that we're gaming
My little bro did him inside out
That's hand-eye coordination
That n*gga there would've dropped that day
True say, the mandem did save him
Now, he wanna call out paigon
Ragin', how you gonna make that statement?
Like, how you gonna make that-
How you gonna make that work?
Back below the average, baby
How you gonna make that twerk?
Like, how you gonna make that shake?
Wait, how you gonna make that move?
If I said he's been touched, I'm lying
But it's on-sight 'til I make that true
Haters gonna hate like haters do
Them man seem fake, it's true
Shot on the spot, breaking news
If MC aims, it shoots
Paper, paper, money on your head, put a box on a man like pay per view
Paper, paper, money on your head, put a box on a man like pay per view

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