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"Can’t Hold Us Down"

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Lock me up and when I hold me down
They want to own me now
Lock me up and when I hold me down
You want to show me how?
I'm supposed to take your advice?
No thanks, I'd rather roll the dice
Who was there when it was going down
And I was all alone on the coldest night
This is my life
This is my passion
Who better than us?
Yeah thanks for asking
(Whoah) You don't see what I see
You don't go where I go
And you don't be what I be

No one, can hold us down
I'm walking ten feet off the ground
Every time that you're around

Can't hold us (x4)
(Down, down, down, down)
Can't hold us

[Verse 2: Silvana Imam]
Uh, ingen här kan hålla ner oss
Ingen här styr hur vi beter oss
Alla här så f*cking redo
Kalla mig super pus*y hero
Power pus*y, ingen mans ego
Ingen här pallar ditt eko
Vet att varje hatbrev du skrev la tre fler nollor på min inkomst (Är du med?)
Slog mig fri, allt jag gjort för att ta mig hit
Gick från underground till elit
Ingen tar rast här bara hårt slit
f*cking homofob, du pushade mig hit
Din dotter push mig på repeat
Imam och Pusha T


[Verse 3: Pusha T]
They want to control us
And sculpt us
Not mold us
Not show us
I question these vultures
Their motives
Their quotas
We soldiers
Let's fight then
Unite then
You move wrong
The right wins
It's no fears
Got no cares
Just my love, and my blood
And my tears




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