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City Morgue

"Young Rich Gang RMX"


[Strofa 1: SosMula]
Cocaine, [?]
Say no names, I'm a dog like [?] (Sleezy!)
I sawed off [?]
[?] get off my body
I’m young rich, but I slung bricks
Give cocaine, my young b*tch
f*ck a AP, need a Richard Millie
Like a quarter milli, on one wrist

[Strofa 2: ZillaKami]
Face off, face off, face off
Let's get a AK, let's have a sprayoff (Okay!)
Gunshot, shoot yo head off
Ouija board, now let’s have a seance (Wassah!)
Shootin' behind cover never will you see another (Huh?)
HK at your mother
Call your uncles, cousins, brothers

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