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City Morgue

"RIP Peep"

[Verse 1: SosMula]
b*tch I put them hollows in you (Blaow)
Big MAC, not the Dollar Menu
Heard you sellin' out the venue (f*ck outta here)
Look I'm comin' out to get you
Watch how I move the crack, n*gga f*ck a root canal (Fishscale)
Homicide, on a walk out, Peter Luger style (Blaow)
Everybody, duck for cover, we gon' hit the Undercover
I'ma need a hunnid Summers, I just took a bunch of uppers (Work)
Export, import, bricks of coke, been raw (Fish scale)
Siamese, twin whores, drink me like I'm Big Sean (Mula)

[Verse 2: ZillaKami]
Pull up in a truck, we ain't come for conversation (Okay)
With a couple wardogs, not a second hesitation (Wassup?)
Drag you right, down to Hell or go to jail
And you tell on your man (Huh?)
For a bail, n*ggas named (Huh?)
We ain't know sh*t (Huh?)
Thought that y'all pussies were soldiers, I send y'all soul up
Thought that y'all pussies were dealers, but y'all just rollers (Bu-boom)
I pull up, chinchilla, then y'all be looking for Zilla (Okay)
I mean, you gon' get split up (Okay)
Like pop, pop pop, pop, pop (Okay okay okay)

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