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City Morgue


[Intro: SosMula]
(Are you ready kids?)
(Aye, aye, captain!) (Juice)
(I can't hear you!)
Got ZillaKami in this b*t*h, Sc*mBAGCHAD in this b*t*h
RighteousP, Big Baby in this motherf**ka'
City Morgue n***a, MBF

[Verse 1: SosMula]
f**k what the bibles say (f**k outta here)
16 out the rifle, spray (Rrah)
Cook coke in the microwave (Work)
Moonwalk like I'm Michael J (J)
[?] the Missing Since Thursday (f**k outta here)
f**king his b*t*h, man I feel like I left quick (Rrah)
Your b*t*hes straight trash, man that b*t*h is a mermaid (Slide)
Don't cuff on that b*t*h, f**k that b*t*h on the first date
I whip the pot with my right and my left wrist (Work)
Cookin' the coke, man I'm so ambidextrous (Work)
Block after block man I shook it like Tetris
I just put Goyard right on my 11's (Mula)
Heard your mixtape, man that sh*t was pathetic (f**k outta here)
I break your jaw like I’m Paul right from Tekken
I had a dream I could buy my way to Heaven
Woke up the next morning, spent that on a necklace (Mula)
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