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"Monochromatic World"

It's time for us to go outside
Hello Earth, can you hear us?
We're in the airlock now and the door is opening
In just a few seconds we'll have our first look close at the surface
It's so difficult to believe we're actually here
The barrenness is hard to believe
Not the slightest sign of life anywhere
Nothing but the rocks and the dust glaring in the sun
And deep black shadows which is sharper and harder then any seen on Earth
It's almost a.. a.. a..

A monochromatic world, monochromatic world
Like a old fashioned sepia photograph
Deep black shadows, hard to believe
Almost a.. close up.. hard to believe.... (here)
Like a monochromatic world (what in heavens!)
Big black monochromatic world
The sky is black
Not a trees, not a blade of grass (no.. no.. nothing)
The sky is black, (oh heavens.. there it is..)
Monochromatic world
Like a old fashioned sepia photograph
Big black shadows.. (nothing!)
Sharper and black harder (what in heavens!)

What in heavens name is that?
It sounds like music
Music I've never heard before
It scares me stiff
Did I hear a voice?
It's nothing to be scared of
None of us is going to be hurt
There are things out here
Even on the fringe of space
You don't comprehend


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