From Ashes to New

"I Will Show You"

[Verse 1: Matt Brandyberry]
I was always told I can be what I wanna be
No one ever said your dreams are always out of reach
Take a step back down to reality
No one bleeds the same as me
Nothing ever seems as if it's easy
I'm always in the room but no one sees me
Every step I take is so misleading
I can't dream if I can't sleep

[Pre-Chorus 1: Branden Kreider & Matt Brandyberry]
Trapped underneath, this pressure's killing me
Adapt my beliefs, give in to this disease
Wrapped so tightly, eyes open when I sleep
The past unsightly, from what you made me be

[Chorus: Chris Musser]
You tell me, tell me I can't do it if I try
Open your eyes because I will show you
I will show you

[Verse 2: Matt Brandyberry]
I took it all to heart from the start and tore myself apart
I marked my page, not my arms and turned it into art
Hate to leave a scar from how you act and who you are
I relate when life gets hard
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