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"Star Fox Rap"

Hey Dad, I know it’s been a while, I know we haven’t talked
Ever since you’ve been gone I’ve been lost and my world’s falling apart
I try hard to get rid of this dilemma tangling my spirit
And I feel like I can’t realize that potential others used to build up
What’d you ever see in me?
Ya know Mom says I remind her of you
She says I’m far too decisive like you
I’m stubborn with too much fight in me, too
My one track mindset traps me in a plethora of lively disputes
How I’m thoughtful and wisely in tuned
With attitudes and can lighten the mood
My heart wants a solid a cross-stitch
For every thought you’re involved in
For every shooting star fallen
I keep thinking you’re about to call me
And though you never do each time mom leaves
I keep holding onto hope
That the only reason she left, was suddenly to bring you home

Why’d you have to leave, did they really need you back?
Did you care about your family Dad?
Or consider all the responsibility that fell onto me, solemnly
Crashing harder than anyone could imagine
And I cannot relax with these distractions leading me to relapse when
I see you in my dreams, in them everybody around me’s acting
Like you’re really sitting there in your seat with your feet back
All my reactions are like, no!
There is no possibility that can be Dad !
We haven’t seen him, in years, and suddenly you all believe that he’s here?
It’s what the heart does, when it’s broken into stardust
We start seeing ghosts of our loved ones who have departed
Though we can't acknowledge them
When all we want is one hug, one touch from that person that has left us
But do I let go or begin searching?

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