"I Will Make It"

[Verse 1: Yungtown]
This goes out to the people who are thinking of giving up
Listen up, each of you are sounding ridiculous
Get out of the rhythm of living with doubt, yes it's difficult
We cannot allow these articulate
Visions twist what we know clear
When we hold fear, it screams loud making it delectable to listen to
Interesting isn’t it? Realism is our best defense
Our foundation, so we won’t get disappointed or discontent
Like what’s the point of dreaming big or even trying
You don’t who I am, they won’t care if I quit
My friends are fortunate, talented, and flourishing
I put in so much work, will I ever get my chance?
Look, that path is a different one
If you walked that then that is who you’d become
Usually, an opportunity will swoop ruthlessly from our reach
As a reminder to be the best you that you can be

No matter what they say
I’ll still find my way
I’m gonna stand my ground
No matter what they do
I won’t let them get through
Ain’t nothing bringing me down, 'cause

[Chorus: Garrett Williamson]
I will, I will
I will make it today
Nothing, nothing
Nothing will stand in my way
I will I will make it and find the open door

[Verse 2: Yungtown]
With each measure and task we develop a path
But instead of glancing ahead, we’re stuck rubbernecking our past
Conversate with the hatred, concentrate on complaining
Constantly complicating each thought 'till they’re all entangled
Creating a situation where creating becomes painful
And each operation feels like we’re creatively disabled
And we cradle impatience, our priorities decompose
Aligning with complacency, our anxiety grows
Redefining our soul, solidifying a home
Assembled entirely out of unrecognizable stones
By and by scrutinizing our by-product thoughtfully
Stuck following unconsciously, but do you wanna be a wannabe?
When you can be the one who reaches farther than a lot of these
People who only wanna piece of stardom like astrology
So stop pondering your significance and promise me
You’ll stop comparing yourself, especially since you are unique

[Chorus: Garrett Williamson]

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