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"直死の魔眼 Chokushi no Magan - Shiki (Killing Spree Comp Entry)"

It's the sis con debonair if you unaware
I'm Lelouch in the booth, control minds with my stare
Calling off all truces with every n*gga here
Cuz I'm coming for yall heads with a mutha f*ckin spear
Last year, they were sleepin on me, now I got some new fans and a few extra lolis
That be down to ride for me like I'm Rentaro Satomi, Black Bullet
Gunslinger Girls how my imoutos go and shoot at

My opposition n*ggas wishin they could be like #TeamImouto
Eye sight Magenkyo so everything I see in slow mo
Killin sh*t like Tetsuo an esper Akira
Psychic bout rap already know im the winner
Cookin rappers up like Toriko yall n*ggas my dinner
Always slay Killing Spree beats this serial murder
Kryciz want a repeat but I'm here to warn ya
I break winning steaks like a cadaver's boner

Too fly like Appa, funny guy make her wet like Sokka
Charging up my Chakra tailed beast bomber Jinchurriki monster
My Persona Pac and Biggie, Izanagi no Okami, augment reality with my eyes Izanami
Shouts out to Chloe and all my other lolis
Shiki too strong like Madara fused with Broly
And nah that's not a pen, that's a katana I'm holding
Deidara im exploding on-line, hikikomori

I'm fine with getting gory my baby momma is Lucy
My waifus Yuno Gasai, side chick Rika Furude
Aka Shiki don't give a f*ck if he die today
As long as it's by the blade of a yandere babe
Got a team of sis cons that do whatever I say
Make A phone call I could have your imouto today
That be Kirino, Tsukiko, Sora Kasugano
Shield them from everything so i'm nicknamed Susanoo

Don't know sh*t about letting up only thing I know full throttle
Tohno blood in my DNA so I'm always going Psycho
Take my knife and I cut away every single organ vital
Like a game of operation only way more homicidal
Otaku preacher my verses pages in bibles
But no Bible Black I ain't got no time for traps
Shiki an insomniac always up make a track
I'm the L of rap wins and losses don't reflect that

Certain scientific index how i reflect back
Ginji Amano yeah these haters better get back
Vongola family I'm reborn watch my skills stack
Tell them hoes kiss the ring then after my nut sack
Say my flows too obscene there's no censoring that
Shiki got them songs that be on hentai soundtracks b*tch
Cursed seal with Uroboros im sick
Alchemist spitting new sh*t Edward Elric

Shiki the freshest, no Fate Stay Night but this sh*t here is destined
No Phoenix Wright i won't hear no objections
When i'm declared winner of this competition, R.I.P. victims
I literally ripped em, to shreds with my claws
p*ssing me off was the probable cause
TMNS know i'm boss, Win at all cost

Have no fear the ecchi god is here to lead all souls into the Nightosphere
Marceline my wife i go by Shiki Abadeer
Would've voiced Marshall Lee but Donald Glover beat me there
Because the Internet, Shiki gaining respect
My life's an anime produced by Gainex
Even kill my own n*ggas so you better watch your step
I'll Itachi my crew, but no one will be left

Y'all not coming for bodies yall might as well hold y'all breath
My pscyche's Harley Quinzell i f*ck her to pay my debt
Draggin n*ggas to hell cuz Ai Enma she overslept
Jigoku Shoujo my dojo, need to go to Kyoto
Shiki Tohno that n*gga that lolis like calling mister
But love it all even more when onii chan up in her
I'm an imouto bender Aang is my n*gga
I go Avatar State with every verse I deliver

I be Making music fast people calling me Quick Silver
Killing Spree said I finish with a track before he render
Its in everyone's interest to, go and surrender
Before I have to dismember more innocent bystanders
Tongue like Thor's hammer you can't say the sh*t that i say
My words hold weight, Y'all just talk like doujin games
I'm the final save state, y'all just look like rookies mane
Do it for the love, y'all just do it for the f*ckin fame

Kaiton mother f*cker on the track leave it all enflamed
Got the eyes of death so Shiki is my rappin name
Bout a minute left i'm just cruisin in the winner's lane
While my competition having seizures like Wayne
I'm an untamed beast off the chain no seals on me
Represent the AUG, my lyrics are artillery
Aimed at anyone challenging the sis con king
Know i sound c*cky, How can I not when i'm me

Known Killing Spree since Ichigekikai
It's the ecchi senpai, with blades in his eyes
Aka the sage of hard lines, They snort my rhymes
Track took a week for me that's hyperbolic time
Yeah i trained for a second pulled my pen out like a weapon
Zanpakuto Unleashed my bankai left n*ggas headless
That be Kryciz, K Solace, Atlas, top three you know i won this
Way I killed you n*ggas after this I expect a diss
Killing Spree already know i won this sh*t

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