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"The Martyr"

Remember why you’re here

[Verse 1]
Fall for me
Lay yourself before the demon
Spread your legs, bite your lip, meet his eye
Drooling, engorged, wide eyed, shaking, you’ve got him
Don’t fall for me
Don’t relent invite him to you
Guide his hand, take his breath, consume him
Gasping, lusting, weakened, frozen, you’ve won
If you should peek beneath the veil
Don’t be surprised to find me there
I’m ashamed, a victim of the curse

I think I like the fight
Wrong feels so right, baby
I’m flirting with lunacy
Nothing can stop me and my sinful obsession

[Verse 2]
Please don’t forget what he is, my ‘Bel
A monster who designed the fear
Please don’t forget who he is, my ‘Bel
A monster who enjoys the fear

Lick your lips as the sweat drips down
And taste the torture as you crawl, begging for more, yea!

(I’m ashamed, a victim of the curse)


My sinful obsession, yeah (x2)



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