Junior M.A.F.I.A.
[Part 1: Larceny]
Woo! It's John B. of W.B.I.G. New York. Listen, y'all, it's rainin' cats and dogs out there!
They're in trouble now

[Part 2: Larceny & Trife]
**["Back Stabbers" by Junior M.A.F.I.A. plays]**
Fuck the police, so what?
Yo (What's up, man?), what them n***as around the corner hollerin' about?
I don't know, man, them n***as can't swing those things on our corner no more, man, fuck them n***as, man
Yo, chill, man
I'm 'bout to go handle my business right now
You can handle that shit, but you gotta chill, man
Nah, man, fuck that
Gotta slow down, man. You tryna move too quick, dog
Whatever man. Fuck them n***as
Yo, don't move without me
Damn it, ah

[Part 3: Larceny & Bathroom Man]
Damn, yo ass stink! Flush the toilet or somethin'! Stinky motherfucker, smelly ass!
Fuck you talkin' about, n***as stink? Your mother stink, motherfucker! Fuck you!
Shut the fuck up!

[Part 4: Larceny & Lil Kim]
**["Brown Sugar" by D’Angelo plays]**
Antoine, where the fuck you think you going? It's pouring down fucking raining outside!
Mind your business, hush up your nosy ass!
Yeah, alright! Let me find out you doing something you ain't supposed to. You always doing something you ain't supposed to!
Ah, there you go. Stay out of it, B!
Yeah, okay, it's pouring down, fuckin' midnight--
[Part 5: Lil Kim & Man]
**[Sounds of men rolling dice]**
Bitch, what the fuck is you talkin' about? Punch you in your motherfuckin' face!
You won't punch nobody in the motherfuckin' face, you should've punched that n***a in the face the other day when he said you couldn't sell no motherfucking drugs around here!
Bitch, get the fuck out my face with that fuckin' bullshit! Fuck you, stinkin' bitch!
Fuck you talkin' bout, stuppy? Yeah alright, yeah alright, yeah...
Yeah, you need to tell that shit to them little n***as from Junior M.A.F.I.A

[Part 5: Man 2, Man 3, & Larceny]
Ayo, check this shit out, son, man, them Junior M.A.F.I.A. ass n***as, man, them n***as be violating dudes
Word, son?
The n***as gon' tell n***as n***as can't hustle around here, get no money? Yo, that's my word. When we see them -- yo, when I see that n***a Big, the Snakes, Lil' Kim, yo, I'm murderin' them motherfuckers. Yo, fuck them dukes, I ain't got no love for them. I mean, for real, duke, that's my word...
Son, c'mon son. Son, we gonna tear all them n***as up right now. Son, come on, son, them n***as be frontin' son. We gonna get all them fake ass thugs, we gonna put slugs in 'em, all of 'em, and when I catch that little bitch Kim, I'm putting my gat right in her musty pussy
Ayo, didn't I tell y'all n***as don't come on my block no more, man?
**[Gunshots leading to "White Chalk"]**