Koe Wetzel

"7th Period"

*Door opens and closes, keys dropped on a table*
*TV playing in background*

[Jason Potts]
This is Powerball. Good evening America, I am Jason Potts and and tonight the Powerball jackpot is worth 669.6 million dollars!

*Koe lights and hits a bong*

[Jason Potts]
Sit back, relax, grab those numbers, and prepare to get rich. But first let's head on over to Pittsburgh, Texas where we're going to be doing Powerball on the street with this winner who just won 4 million dollars in Powerball. Congratulations!

*Phone starts ringning*

[Jason Potts]
For the final numbers tonight we have: 17, 38, 64, 11, and your magic Powerball number, 57!

[Koe Wetzel]
What's up?
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