East Warren Buck

Helluva made this beat, baby

[Verse 1: 42 Dugg]
I got a hundred on this b*t*h, I don't miss often, for real
Back to back 'Cats, I don't miss walkin'
Come get your b*t*h off me, I'm known for sh*t talkin'
I'm known for script bustin'
Ain't no iffy, yeah that b*t*h f**kin'
Get money, ayy that's all I ever knew
You got a dollar on that b*t*h, you better shoot
(You got a dollar on that b*t*h, you better shoot)

[Verse 2: Team Eastside Peezy]
Thousand grams in that pot, thousand beans down the way
Thousand gram cuban on my neck, Dweller, f**k a Patek
And your b*t*h, she gon' f**k for a check
When you say it, say my name with some f**kin' respect
All these losses I done took, I appreciate the wins
When your car cost two hundred you appreciate the Benz
Had a threesome with my b*t*h, I appreciate her friend
Cooper Street to my hood, we gon' keep it in the fam n***a
Get chicken, I ain't never been a ham n***a
Got it out the mud, I ain't never did a scam n***a
RIP to all the fallen soldiers, free the fam n***a
Shut the f**k up if you ain't got a hundred bands n***a

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