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"Introstyle 2"

When bullets fly it's live or die and if you don't make it that's just life
On the wing I took my blade because I got beef and I don't hide
I caught that rat I gave him 5 now he's bleeding out his sides
Why you slipping when it's cracking that day God was on your side
Man get round there on a bike, I'm on the back with dirt bike k
Look, this life I'm living's crazy, any day could be my - day
Can't make mistakes, if they ever try and pull us over, don't hit the brakes
Look, driver take the chase
What do you mean that your life's a mess? For yourself you've lost respect
You've got to get up and go get it because if you don't you're better off dead (Ay)
I remember I never had nothing, I remember that when I get out of bed (Ay)

Let me take a sec, I'm in the field I'm not on the bench
All this work I need a rest, but these bills don't pay themselves so... (Eugh)
Let's do it and live, I need these bankrolls piling up, motorway I'm driving up, got to get rid of these bits (Uh)
I'm a piece of sh*t, but I'll do anything for my kid
Put one hand on little Temz and your mum's gonna need a new wig, b*tch
Let's do it with skill, still got to dodge old bill
All this gold is weighty take my chain you must be - ill
Blood spill, brand new bike from birkenhead, it's a stolie worth 2 bills
The rats get popped like pills
The rats get popped like pills

I am not rich so I cannot stop, they want me dead up but they just flop
Big fat corn fly out that mop, won't be my face on that top
Won't be me lying in that box
Can you smell that smell from the kitchen little man's mum's still blazing rocks
It's been like 5 whole years since the day his dad's been gone, now he don't believe in God
f*ck the opps and f*ck the plod, plod wanna kick off the bando door like (?) better not run his gob
Flush the grub right down the bog
Bedroom window hopping out, through the alley, ooh I'm off (Skrr Skrr)

If the love was lost there's no going back, I got to get that knife out me back
So many kids are dying every single day, you know, the world's been mad so rest in peace to (?)
Look, how could you leave your mate when he's been there for you like all your life
Look, I could never leave my bros, f*ck that sh*t I'll be outside
f*ck being broke, I'll take your dough like a parking fine
That rat man said that he got me (Hmm hmm) somebody lied
Can you remember when you needed me I was there like every time
I put my life on the line but no more snakes can get my time
From a young boy I had no hope it's why I've had this life of slam
Young boy in the alley way posted with the - 9
Posted with the - 9 (Ay)
Had this life of - slam (Ay)

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