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Mr Traumatik


Westy on productions

[Verse 1]
I defy physics with lyrics and wordplay then I write complex multiverses
And I'll fly through high dimensions to infinite realms of multiverses
Your brain is multipurpose and you can do anything
Anywhere, 'nough times
Astro-travelling is easy research I'm just giving 'em a rough guide
When I'm smoke my blue cheese blunt
I defy physics with lyrics and punchlines
Smoke DMT for breakfast, eat some magic mushrooms at lunch time
Don't p*ss me off because I'll punch guys using fireballs thrown at mega force
Take off heads then teleport, go home write some conscious metaphors

[Interlude: sample]
We don't know that this universe that we exist in right now is the only universe, we don't know whether or not there are infinite universes that exist side by side next to each other. Wrap your f*cking head around that

[Verse 2]
I'm a gruesome loose one half human half mutant
Because of my unusual chromosomes
This universe and these dimensions are made up like musical overtones
I'll take magic mushrooms and smoke six grams of DMT
When I leave my body and fly into space don't cry, just call it a beautiful overdose
This verse is deep and the words I speak will make your brain overload
Don't be a stupid prick, Illuminati do not make Toblerone
Just take my advice, pick up a knife and then shank yourself in your shoulder bone
Or wake up, question everything, stand up fight for your rights and hold your own

[Interlude: sample]
New theory among scientists, they believe that inside every galaxy is a supermassive black hole. Wrap your f*cking head around that

[Verse 3]
When I write lyrics the truth emerges
Quantum metaphor universes
Did you know that inside an atom there's super-clusters of universes?
So life is one big hologram blud that's infinite time and space
Don't be scared, be wise and brave because we're living in a violent place
Be strong don't hide your face stand up and then defy gravity's hold
Don't be a sheep or small minded
That's gradually making humanity slow
And all I see is insanity loads, jealousy, greed the [?]
I'm not talking about ice cream when I tell people this galaxy's cold

[Interlude: sample]
And the new theory is that inside every supermassive black hole is another universe, with hundreds of thousands of galaxies each with a black hole at the centre, each containing another universe with hundreds of billions of galaxies

[Verse 4]
You're not just a human body don't be egotistical bruv
I'm giving them quantum physics with conscious lyrics
I don't talk fictional cuz
If you dont believe me f*ck you I'll punch and kick and twist 'em all up
Cause I'm on some murderous militant magnificent and mystical stuff
There's no more writhing lyrics about violence and shanking
People using a butter knife
I'm done with the negative bullsh*t blud, I'm done with the gutter life
I change from Mr Traumatik an evolve into Dr Dimensional
Just like watching a caterpillar inside a cocoon transform to a butterfly

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