Mr Traumatik


Yeah yeah
Mass awakening business

[Verse 1]
If ignorance is bliss (Yeah), then I'm feeling grim (Ah)
When I'm searching for the answers I look deep within (Wow)
I'm not your average human being, I'm on deeper things
We're all puppets, I'm a puppet who can see the strings
Seeing is believing, if I see him I believe in him (I will)
If God is real where is he, I want to speak to him (Ayy)
They're spraying chem-trails in the air, then we breathe it in (Ugh)
It's f**king evil, that's the reason there's no reasoning (Jeez)
Am I just mental, am I crazy, am I seeing things (Huh?)
Who's that voice in my head, is it my evil twin? (Who?)
I don't think so, them chances, they're really slim
The world is mad, it's like a movie made by Stephen King (Mad)
It's appalling, that's why I'm meditating in the morning
That's why I'm astral travelling in the evening
My Merkaba is fully activated
So when I die and leave my body that's what I'll be leaving in (Whoaaa)

I've seen the real eyes (Wow)
I'm horrified and hurt (Ahh)
You need to realise (Yea)
Stop this ? (Stop)
Just choose your real eyes
You cannot deny it's worse (No)
I see the demons in disguise (c**ts)
'Cause they colonise the earth (Whoaaa)
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