Mr Traumatik


The end is near
But show no fear
I know it's not clear
But don’t shed no tears

The end is near
Because them gruesome humans f**ked with the climate
But show no fear
The sea level's rising
Find a mountain and climb it
I know it's not clear
I’m using rhymes
It's difficult to describe it
But don't shed no tears
Because world consciousness
You cannot define it

[Verse 1]
I'm seeing visions of apocalyptic landscapes
Freemasons doing rituals and gang rapes
They're doing blood sacrifices and it's all mad mate
They're depopulating humans at a fast rate
They're playing god
They modified the weather
But stay strong
Don’t be horrified with terror
It’s concerning
They're altering realities
When particals accelerate
They all collide together (boom)
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