Mr Traumatik

"Death Trap"

Death is an illusion
And if we can truely see this
If we can grasp this
If we can truely understand this
Then we have the potential to "?" "?" a tremendous amount of power

Did i ever mention that we're doomed?
When we die and leave our body and we're exiting the room
The white light we see is gonna to trap us in the room (The moon)
Recycling our soul to send us back into the room

[Verse 1]
When i die don't cry for me, Deaths an illusion it's not that awful
Smoke weed and get high for me
Im an infinite being; I am immortal
When i go say bye for me
If i want i would choose to die like it's normal
Im ready I'm time to seek, thats spiral in hyperdimensional portal
When i die be happy and celebrate
Don't worry about the confusion
When i leave my body and levitate, don't worry, it's not that gruesome
Smoke weed, get high, then meditate
Life after death is proven
When you meditate, you see that life's an illusion!
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