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Mr Traumatik


Mr. Traumatik
Slipz on production
I'm Traumatik Volume Two
Big up my multidimensional entities
The beginning's coming
Stay strong

[Intro Verse]
We need some peace
Love and unity
Where's it gone
The way we're living now is f*cking lunacy
Don't be angry
Don't be rude to me
Just because I'm talking facts
And speaking truthfully
We need some peace
Love and unity
This planet is one community
I'm givin' em' telekinetic frequencies
Straight from you to me
Fourth and Fifth dimensions
That's where we're due to be

This human race
We need to come together
We need to stop the war
Relax and burn a cheddar
We need to help each other
Because ??? one forever
Through the winter
Through the spring
Through the summer weather
We need to stop the fighting
Stop the segregation
Cuz' seperation only leads to devastation
Compassion is the key
Along with meditation
Humanity is equal
Even though they're mental patients
Wow, now I'm seeing new generations
Them Indigo children got the dedication
They've come to help the planet
Stop the devastation
Cuz' there's humans killing humans with no hesitation
It's like it's never ending
Its very blatant
But never quit
Be very patient
Stay positive and soon you'll see some elevation
Anything is possible with self-belief and preparation
Nobody can stop you except yourself
So do it your own
Don't expect no help
Disrespect yourself
And go and live your dreams
And make sure negativity don't intervene
You see the youth
You need to take em' serious
Cuz' they look up to us
And they believe in us
If they see us doing bad, they think its right
We need to be responsible
Because we're the ones with the experience
Need to lose the ego
I'm talking about everyone
Even me though
Material possessions mean nothing
It doesn't make us better people
Everyone is equal
Don't be arrogant or selfish and pray to feeble
Jealousy and hatred only makes you evil
Poverty it bothers me
Its robbery
So honestly I want to see equality for all my people

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