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Mr Traumatik

"Deep Rest"

It's drum 'n' bass
Oh gosh, wow

You're feeling depressed, you need some deep rest
Go to nature so your body clock can reset
Find a waterfall, get your feet wet
Or maybe you just need some sweaty tantric freak sex
With a midget and a prostitute with three legs
But don't be mad at me, don't come at me with no cheap threats
You're the prey, I'm the predator like T-Rex
So shut up, let me talk and you can speak next
You're feeling down, don't even frown
Don't be showing no weakness when there's demons 'round
They feed on negativity, don't be screaming loud
This ain't a place of worship, these are evil grounds
Don't be negative, you don't need no sedatives
Just talk to people 'round you, go be with your relatives
If you ain't got no family though
Don't worry, don't be angry bro
There's no such thing as loneliness 'cause everyone's one
If you're feeling sad and lonely
Don't smoke a fag and rollie
Phone me and grab an oz'
Smoke it all and then shag on oldie
That is nosey, so are Susanne and Rosie
I love my drum 'n' bass I don't love ravioli
I love my women but I don't do no matrimonies
I don't do marriage, I ain't paying no alimonies
Suck my di*k and then bow down and then stand below me
Then cook for me, then feed me vegan cannelloni
Don't be so sad
Jump up, jump around and go mad
I wanna be an old mad, I wanna be it I wanna be it so bad
Please don't p*ss me off you c*nts I'll kick you in the gonads
Then kung-fu kick you in the face, then punch you up with slow jabs
I write lyrics inside my brain, I don't need a notepad
People say this man's insane, I got the deepest vocab
I don't rely on weed to help me, I don't need to smoke packs
I've got substance and abundance, you need to know that

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