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Mr Traumatik


[Hook] x2
My lyrics are sublime
There's hidden messages and secret riddles in my rhymes
Everything we know, is litterally a lie
I'll stick your brain inside a jar
I'm pickeling your mind

[Verse 1]
Truth hurts so I speak straight gruesome
Everywhere I look, I see strange mutants
Syntethic beings, free range humans
Don't believe the lies you need to see straight through them
Truth hurts so I speak straight gruesome
I don't obey the laws no I make new ones
Everywhere I look, I see fake illusions
Big up all my entities cause we make movements
The powers in control they need to stop the lying
I'm sick to death, everyone is f*cking dying
This space inside your brain is what they're occupying
You need to come to terms with it and stop denying it
I know it's horrofying sh*t, there's lots of scientists making toxic virusis
Reality is demonic, god's a lying prick
Humanity is evil why the f*ck do I exist?
Death is an illusion, don't be so delusional
I'm angry when I'm happy and I celebrate at funerals
I'm strange, you know I'm so unusual I read in hieroglyphics and I count in roman numerals
You know my flow is beautiful, it's controversial
You know that isn't suitable
I don't do heroine, I don't do coke in cubicles
I'm taking magic mushrooms and smoking loads of zoots and all
I'm just talking truth, I give 'em clever facts
But now I'm being followed by the men in black
This consciousness illusion grid we're trapped in is just a holographic simulation in a tessaract
When I bless a track, that's when the magic happens
I spit flames, massive dragons
I'm throwing lightening bolts, jagged patterns
I'll disintegrate your skeleton and crack your atoms


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