Mr Traumatik


One two, one two
And it's Mr Traumatik (blam)
Dark Elements

Explosive flows, TNT
Pay me 10 g, watch me MC
Astrotravel on DMT
Focus, breathe gently
Third eye vision I see plenty
I see hatred, I see envy
Innocent people I leave them be
But evil spirits I see them flee

[Verse 1]
I woke up, looked around and found out
Everyone around me's sleeping
So I come through screaming "wake up now
Take the red pill stop dreaming"
I wear a gas mask, I'll have the last laugh
That's poisonous air you're breathing
There's deadly viruses in your sinuses
So please cover your face when you're sneezing
I smell sound I listen to flavours
I taste emotions when I'm speaking
Where's my marbles? I've lost my senses
I'm over-heating, who let the breeze in?
I'm shivering half time boiling
Cold when I'm warm, not freezing
More lemon, 24/7
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