Lotus lyrics

Mr Traumatik

The dark blue lotus flower represents the sixth chakra, the third eye
The role of which is to combine energy with the lower five chakras and elevate it to a higher plane
You can find the sixth chakra in the pineal gland in the center of the brain

Please don't be a nuisance
Don't be fake like religion
I don't believe in evolution
Thе real truth has been hidden
All I see is gruesomе
Freedom is forbidden
I'm just a human being being human
So God forgive me if I kill 'em

My pineal gland is fully activated, that's my minds eye
These kundalini energies are rising up through my spine
Trust me I'll be sungazing and grounding when it's high tide
You see me meditating on a mountain when it's night time
I'll be flying through the northern vortex when the time's right
This body makes me claustrophobic, I don't think it's my size
Everything is clear now I'm looking back in hindsight
You know that Tesla was the real genius f**k Einstein
f**k the government they're just a bunch of wise guys
And science ain't no different or religion it's all white lies
It's all a load of bullsh*t like I'm scrolling through my timeline
Dissolve or get involved the time is now and now is the prime time
The world is dying don't just watch it from the side lines
There's children killing children and you've seen the rise in knife crime
Only pussies carry knifes and you ain't got no nine lives
And trust me you ain't fooling no one, acting tough but nice try
Don't be distracted by the white lights cause everyone is watching telly no one goes on bike rides
Go to nature, hug a tree and wear some tie dye
Just live your life and don't regret it, enjoy it have a nice time
Smoke some cannabis and go and drink some fine wine
And if your feeling curious just type in google "ZEITGEIST"
I'm not saying David Icke's right but in this holographic simulation there's no guidelines
If you know you know, and if you know then high five!
Love is pain and pain is love but trust me there's some fine lines
I love music and you know I love to write rhymes
That's why I'm making sure I leave a legacy when I die
When my soul is back up in the nights sky
Keep on streaming all my music through your f**king HiFi
If you listen to my voice I bet you might cry
Everything I'm saying it's all truth it isn't sci-fi

A blocked sixth chakra can result in a lack of concentration, tension and headaches
Problems with eye sight, nightmares and over active cynicism
When this chakra opens you can feel heightened intuition
Superior insight and the ability to manifest what you choose

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