Tahiti Treat

Hawksley Workman

I like to think of you with sunshine in your eyes
With your beauty so easy that it doesn't try
And when i get bored of myself you never care
Everybody falls in love with the wind in their hair

My tahiti treat
My bermuda triangle
Disappear with me
I’ve been angling for you

Come let me hold you tightly in my canadarms
I want to feel you pressed against me here with all your charms
A pop-a-wheelie is everything when you're a boy
But when you grow up everything just makes you annoyed

My tahiti trеat
My bermuda triangle
Disappear with mе
I’ve been angling for you

Better them than us
Except when comes to having fun

Born in the year of the rabbit back in '75
We were twelve in 87 feeling so alive
The threat of cold war kept us up almost every night
But tv dinners gave us strength and gave us second sight

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