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Karma (Zone 2)

"Weirdest Zoo"


I bored up ****, it's mad
Because he used to come to my mums bit
How many opps have I hunted? Hundred
I splashed man down and he ranted
Get round 'dere with my hunting knife
Swing it at guys and plunge it
They said they're gonna ride, they lied
Suttin' like Grove, they stuntin', frontin'
How can you keep that conscience?
Your guy got killed and you never responded
So the score can't tie like bondage
We shoot like James Bond did
And we ching bait leave citz astounded
Make a big man cry like onions
Heard he's an opp so my blade got blooded
I made 'nuff man do bunions
Run him, try ching-ching and done him
And I've been bad from a young'un
All I ever wanted was skengs
I just want a light skin like Yungen
**** dead, I'll bun him
But this **** way more stunning
I just brought ****'s life
Bill it up nice, you can't refund it
They don't wan' beef just veg
So they don't step like they ain't got legs
And I'll run man down but I ain't no fed
Free Shukz, man he love aim at heads
Might swing for your neck tryna take off heads
That's red, all of my broski's ments
They say we're tapped like we ain't got meds
Opps say we don't ride but it don't make sense
With Kweng tryna leave man bait like Greggs
Or S tryna leave man baked like bread
See the number of blades in the dinger my n***a
We gotta evade these feds
My pagan died, he's dead
He got a red card but there weren't no ref
I'm unimpressed, like, ain't you gonna ride you gems?
True say you rid back then
But, ain't you gonna ride again?
I ain't talkin' about a Homerton young'un
But I want a baby 9er ting
Gotta cop me a baby 9er ting
Tryna get 'round there and go silence him
And this f**kery, it's not my fault
But it is my fault for this life I sin
Like Yanko I love it, I love it, I love it
You know me, I'll do it with a violent grin
I had nuff man crying, whinging, whining, nuttin like an island ting
I don't know yang just yin
Chinese ting, man just ching
And I stay with mine
Can't keep us apart like siamese twins
15 I got charged for a GBH
'Cause my man's eye was out not in
Ain't gettin' nicked, I don't wanna go bin
And I really don't like these jakes
Cah they use numbers to define my skin (d**kheads)
True say I'm an IC3
I'm an average statistic
Tryna put a n***a on ITV
Two, I'm from the weirdest zoo
There's probably piglets tryna hide in trees
See 2-2 like a tiny gun
Roll up 2 like Mikey P
Bruce, let's play hide and seek
Or let's see which opps do the highest knees
Bro, bro said the opps are wet, I agree
They just chat doodoo
I love Trizz but I think he does voodoo
Oh sh*t, man, I meant to say juju
I think he does juj'
My dress code dark like bujj
So I blend in nice in the night, that's good
Then I splashed like, aye, aye, captain
Blade in my hand like Captain Hook
You should've seen the way that --- got jugged
And, I've been smokin' ---
I'm addicted, man, he's got me hooked
This is all the things I think of when I don't speak, but let me shush
Music money gonna buy me guns, guns, guns, so let me push
Bro said if we don't talk about drills
They won't love no more
But they ain't care in the first place
Think they're gonna care if you're stuck indoors
Or, if you're six feet under
Or in a jumper, in a paigon's rod
They don't care that we have no choice
But they happy in drills and break these laws
Hate it when I got opps when I grip so hard
I really got beef, what you take me for?
I'm tryna leave my black blade colourful
Like the dress code in '84
I know the pigs dem hate me
But I know the paigons hate more
Like free Snoop, man, he always gets nicked
For stupid pigs tryna break his door

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