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My First Story

"アンダードッグ (Underdog)"

​MY FIRST STORY「アンダードッグ ft. JESSE」の歌詞

物足りない Give me some more
唾 吐かれた事があるから
負けず嫌いさ You know that I won't die
It's a cypher チャクラ開くさ
It's a mind of a Rasta

I see a b*t*h in a crowd and want to know why
I want to know why what you want from me
You want to come take a ride it's do or die
It's you or I dead serious
Do I see you walk away from me
Then I'm coming to get you I'm known to be
The one that runs in the family
You better be ready for me

もう何回 白い目されたって 七転び八起きして
真っ直ぐ 道を歩いてれば 棒に当たるから
今 四半世紀経った 結果を教えてくれよ
This is who I am I'm supposed to be
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