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Freshy Kanal

"Forrest Gump vs. The Waterboy"

Rap Battle
The Waterboy
Forrest Gump

I'm known to win fights, so hold your mic tight
You don't seem heavily prepared when a feather is your guide
I'm evil on the field; this ain't a ping-pong battle
Better gather your gospel peeps-
My verse is the devil!
You're not the best competitor, as your script would say
Since everybody knows you as the dude who runs away!
And when one round of flow from the Waterboy's busted
On the streets, they are reporting that a Forrest got flooded!
(A Forrest got flooded! x3)

[Forrest Gump]
You put yourself on high standards for pointless ranting
Stupid is as stupid does, and you're on the top ranking
My mama once told me that there are unexpected losses
But if you're in my box, it's time to drop the chocolates!
I was tackling Vietnam while you got Virginia testy
Man, you're supposed to give me water when I'm resting!
You bit everything off me, now I'm chewing on your title
So I guess it's the second time you got bullied by your idol!
I got all the folks running miles for my quotes
So step aside, you're not the only shrimp on my boat
You're squabbled outta this run, and it's not a big stunt
Or in your language, that's 12 points for Forrest Gump!

These wallpins make me so tired!
Grumps in a bit of a slump- or is his mama a ghostwriter?
Take her quotes to your grave when I'm ending this fight
We still got some space between her and your wife!

[Forrest Gump]
Finding space for my Oscars while you're finding commentary
But you're far from quiet in Forrests with the Golden Raspberry
You quarrel on the ground, so just lemme be your guide
Here's lookin' at you missing my lines, cross-eyed!

A fan of Dr. Pepper? You rap more like Dr. Salty's mate
I will bodyslam you hard like you were plugging Gatorade!
But I wonder how your mind builds any rap structure
When your education consisted of quickies with your mother!
So in this football crossover, you're looking a lot lower
'Cause I'll leave this off-flow-er right under my lawnmower!
Don't mess with the big bird when you are a wee pullet
That'll bite you in the ass like a million-dollar bullet!

[Forrest Gump]
You should be abandoned, and I'm not one to bother
Take over your money, but I'm not your father
I brought it to the people, and it doesn't need much rapping
To sum up your movie:
"sh*t happens"

Who won?
Who's next?
You decide
The next rap battle-

[Forrest Gump]
My mom once told me that the next rap battle is on the way

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