Freshy Kanal

"Little Mac vs. Big Mac"


Little Mac!
Uh... Big Mac...?


[Verse 1: Little Mac (J. Chay)]

Uh, Doc, I know you really want me working on my punch
But I didn't think you meant this when you said "take out my lunch"!
I'm not all for cheap shots, but I mean looking at its bill
You can call me George Foreman 'cause I'm going for the grill!

You have some history with competitors and Whoppers
So I'll give this double patty meal my own one-two offer
I've seen your marketing stunts, you couldn't Supersize up;
Now I'm dishing out combos- without fried and cups!

I've already sent meatheads down in the ring
Ronald ain't the only clown; now you're steppin' 'gainst the king!
Heavyweights getting murdered off their feet; laid low
Bronx Bruiser beating burgers?
That's a BK-O!
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