Freshy Kanal

"Invader Zim vs Pinky and the Brain"

Invader Zim
Pinky and the Brain

[Verse 1: Pinky and the Brain (SimplyRazzy)]
Egad—Cut the script short, Pinky, for we’re not quite alone
Oh geez, Brain! Indeed we are, but it appears Nick’s spliced some clones
They’ve made off with our schtick and their next stop’s my rightful throne
So before we conquer the world, we must take over the microphone!

[Verse 2: Invader Zim (TheSuperPlushyBros) and GIR (Adroitwhiz)]
You’re the perfect parts for our Dark Harvest, judging from your names
Just one teeny-tiny little question: um, which one’s the brain?
Hey, wait a sec! Thеy’re identical! Both simple-mindеd vermin (Wha?)
“One is a genius”—Ha! Should’ve expected lies from earthlings

Even with the dated pop references you’re jamming in
Your show’s plots are worse than yours
No one’s pondering what you’re pandering
Aww, Zim, they’re so cute! Can we keep these little rodents?
GIR, focus! That’d be hopeless when we’ve already owned them! (???)

[Verse 3: Pinky (Lil Secks) and the Brain (SimplyRazzy)]
You became a role model for pre-teens, acting quite moronic
But despite your many issues you're forgotten— Like your comic!
With your products all rotting on the shelves of Hot Topic
Both your network and the Tallest made it clear you’re not wanted
Ironic that viewing your show is vomit-inducing
When your episodes all center around bodily fluids
Oi--he oughta vamoose quick if that’s the only flow he’s got
Seems he’s throwing up L’s; no wonder he’s green always—NARF!

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